Car Speakers

The Definitive Car Speakers Purchase Guide

You would like to make a purchase but you don't know what to look for? We prepared an ultimate guide for you that you must at least take a look before spending any money on your car's sound system.

6x9 Car Speakers

We love big sized speakers in our cars. 6x9 size is one of the biggest sized speakers you may get. They beat perfect, bang like subwoofers so what else can you want?

Best Car Speakers for Bass and Sound Quality

If you are curious about how a car speaker performs compared to other car speakers from different size category, we prepared to you a long article with considering the top two speakers from each category.

6.5 Inch Car Speakers

6.5-inch sized speakers are among the indispensable category when you think of door speakers. They look great, works fine and most all of will satisfy you with the music.

Speakers Focus is an Up to Date Guide Website for Your Audio Purchase

You may find all of the required information and advice on your sound equipment purchases.

What Do We Do?

We are basically founded on this website in order to help you through the quality sound equipment selection process. The audio systems industry is like a huge ocean and without a guide, you may easily get lost on it.

We are systematical, searching, trying, rating, and reviewing the audio products and give our recommendations accordingly.

We started our journey with car speakers and would like to continue with other audio systems as we continue our journey.


There are thousands of different sound equipment in each category are produced by man manufacturers. In order to start with where to look, first, we dig into the web and compare the product specifications. We determine the equipment that look valid on the paper and note them for further evaluation.


Looking only at the specifications can give you a general idea about sound equipment, however, you must try it yourself in order to fully review it. We try them for you and write down our impressions about them.


We review each audio component according to suitable criteria among their category. We prepare the best awarding list for you and provide them with our short reviews. Also in each category, we provide a short buying guide to help you with this process.


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