What Size Speakers Are In My Car?

If your speaker started to buzz or you feel like you need an upgrade, the very first thing to do is learning your car's speaker size.  If you mistakenly buy wrong size speakers, it will not fit your car and you will both lose money and time. Let's find out the easiest ways for learning your car's speaker sizes.

1) Search it with specific keywords

In order to obtain certain information about your car's sound system, first, learn about your car's model and manufacture. For example, if you make your search as "Audi A4 speaker size" only, you most probably get tons of results with no valuable information and this will confuse you. Try to make a search as detailed as "Audi A4 B8, 2014 speaker size" then you will see more specified information.

2) Check it on amazon.com

Besides being the biggest online store, amazon.com offers many features to come up with. Visit www.amazon.com/gp/your-garage and define your car by selecting the only year, brand and model values.

Search Bar for Specified Products

Just below the photo of your car, you will be able to see "Parts & Accessories for your vehicle" search bar. When you type car speakers in that bar and click go, you will be directed to a list of car speakers that will be suitable for you.

This though does not filter out all of the speaker links you may see in amazon.com. When you click on the speakers such as listed on "people also viewed this" or "frequently bought together", you may be led to some other speakers that will not match with your car. In order to avoid this, be careful to watch for "This fits your car" mark of amazon.

Check Box of Amazon

The "Garage" feature of amazon is very powerful. You can check out your car's maintenance schedule and works to be done, suitable spare parts or consumables selection such as the engine, transmission oil, etc.

We have comparisons for various sizes of speakers. Check 6x9", 6.5" and 4" car speakers comparisions.

3) Measure the Sizes of Speakers

We believe you may get what you want in first and second options however if you want to be 100% sure about what to purchase, you may always measure your speakers directly.

There are many small tricks about measuring speaker size in your car. Watch the following video in order to have an idea about how to do the correct measurement.

Sizes of Car Speakers

There are many different sizes of speakers. Mainly they fall into two main categories such as elliptical and circular speakers. The list is mainly formed of:


  • 3-inch speakers
  • 4-inch speakers
  • 5 1/4 inch speakers
  • 6 1/2 inch speakers
  • 8-inch speakers


  • 4x6 inch speakers
  • 5x7 inch speakers
  • 6x8 inch speakers
  • 6x9 inch speakers
  • 7x10 inch speakers

You may find various bigger size speakers. The list goes up to 18 inches or more. However, unless you are modifying your car's interior body design, you most probably will not be able to use such big speakers in your car.

If you do not want to spare extra space from your baggage and handle the lows with speakers, you may check our best speakers for bass without subwoofer list.

If you do not want to spare extra space from your baggage and handle lows with speakers, you may check our best speakers for bass without subwoofer list.

Now You Learned the Size of Your Speakers, but ...

you are facing with terms like 2-way, 3-way or coaxial vs component, sensitivity, RMS, etc. They may seem a little bit confusing at the start but indeed they are very straightforward terms. Check out our article to learn this type of terms and what to be careful about while purchasing your car.

Also you may would like to check out our best car speakers comparison list that contains 2 best speakers from five different car speaker sizes.

If you have more questions, check our recently prepared definitive guide for car speaker purchase. You will find all the information and confidence before making your next purchase.

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